THE TRAINING AND work of the counsellor is informed by a range of theoretical approaches to human development and change. In my experience, effective counselling is guided by each client’s unique
circumstances while being informed by, rather than dictated by, psychological theories. Average attendance at counselling in Ireland is 5 – 8 sessions. Sources of counselling services include the HSE, family doctors, low-cost community services and private practitioners. While the process of counselling is subtly different for each person, the overall benefits are multiple and well-proven.

Topics discussed cover all aspects of life and regularly include career decisions, parenting, separation, bereavement, spirituality, work problems, bullying, sexuality, finances, caring for relatives, family conflicts, ageing and so on.

Click here to read more about some themes that have emerged, and what I’ve learned as a counsellor in my line of work.

What I’ve learned through my career as a counsellor
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